Envision: Business Analytics and Reporting

Get instant insights into your business and optimize the delivery and value of APIs.


Understand your Customers

Slice and dice your data to analyze every aspect of your business and digital strategy. Maximize revenue by gaining actionable insights into your customers and partners. Collect customer usage patterns, the apps they use, the data that they request or send, the internal applications they access, and analyze this data to segment your customers and understand what factors drive these segments.


Analyze Partner and Developer Activity

Monitor activity for specific partners, apps developers and evaluate their impact on your business. Analyze which aspects of your APIs are being adopted, which devices or apps are being built against your APIs, study reasons for defections and incorporate insights from this analysis to improve your APIs and create best practices for developers to avoid common pitfalls with your APIs.


Monitor and Analyze API Performance

Ensure operation excellence of your API infrastructure and manage an exceptional level of uptime. Monitor system and operational performance, including how your backend applications and network respond to load. Analyze how your infrastructure responds to requests from different devices, locations and request types. Equip IT with the tools they need to keep your business and API operating efficiently throughout its entire life cycle.


Analyze, Monitor and Deliver

Manage quality-of-service for your APIs, quotas and service-levels for individual apps. Ensure that the appropriate data is being delivered through the right APIs, to the right partner app. Optimize the delivery and performance through caching and global delivery, which can elastically respond to demand. Advanced monitoring allows you to troubleshoot and react problems before they can adversely impact your business or brand.

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