Akana Customers

What our clients say

Bank of America

"We decided to standardize on SOA Software because of the feature richness, scalability, and high performance. SOA software has proven that its products can meet our large-scale transaction volume requirements;"  -Andy Brown, Chief Technology Architect


"SOA Software has provided us with the shared infrastructure that can flex, grow and deepen its capabilities as our global Web services requirements become more sophisticated"  -Gavin Targonski, Technical Architect

JetBlue Airways

"After reviewing all the key players in the web services management, security and registry market, we found that SOA Software’s Service Manager was the best solution on the market to address our requirements"  -Tyrone Paige, Senior software architect


"SOA Software’s unrivaled scalability makes it perfect as the foundation for Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals Group’s (PGP’s) Enterprise SOA Fabric"  -Martin Brodbeck, Application Architecture Director